The Military Diet

Hello fellow bloggers! Today begins my military diet (also known as the 3 day diet). Yes, I have tried it before. It does work! No, you do not just lose water weight. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for the past 4 days. I exercise 2 times a day, you’d think i’d see the scale go down by now, right? Im not building muscle because the strength training I do is not enough for my weight to change because of increased muscle mass. I am a very athletic person, so I’m used to much higher intensity strength training. Last time I did this diet, my side effects were: headaches, mood swings, and just plain old bitchiness, ha. I won’t be doing intense exercising for these 3 days mainly because I might pass out if I the high intensity workouts I usually do. I am incorporating some cardio just to keep myself fit without gaining muscle. Just for clarification, I am not only losing weight for myself, I am losing weight so I can give a big f*** you to those that have called me “fat” in the past. I can change my weight, but those people can’t change their ugly personalities. I will keep you all updated on the results. Also, if anyone would like to suggest a topic for me to talk about, let me know! Have an incredible day!


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