Define Sexy

If you looked up the definition of “sexy” you would find that it is an adjective that defines a sexually attractive, exciting, or desirable person. Many people have their own personal opinions on what is sexy. Some people have a thing for short people, some for tall. Some women like muscular men, while others prefer lean slim, or even scrawny men. So, what do you define as sexy? Another question would be: does a person’s personality make them sexy? How does one become sexy? My definition of sexy is a person with confidence. If you have confidence, you carry yourself very well. You feel comfortable in your own skin. Back in the 50s, a woman that had a bit of fat on her bones was considered very sexy; while in this day and age, women that look like Victoria’s Secret models are considered sexy. I believe both are sexy. Notice how women appeal to men that are “assholes?” Well, that is because of the way they carry themselves. They know they are good looking, we may not think so, but the way they carry themselves brings some sort of allure to them. So I define sexy as a confidence. If you got it, flaunt it. Put down those magazines and love yourself in your own skin. THAT my friends, will make you sexier than any model you’ll find on social media.


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