The Military Diet Day 2

So, yesterday was a success. I did not give up on the diet. No cravings this time around, until a donut commercial came on TV…however, I got over the craving. Last time I did this diet, which was about a week ago, I had headaches and could barley do anything! Now, I’m thinking of incorporating some light cardio kickboxing as exercise for today. I don’t have the energy I usually have, but i’m sort of getting used to it. I have yet to weigh myself, but i won’t be doing that until the 3 days are up. Also know that with the 3 day diet, or military diet, the diet is not only 3 days… it continues on for the rest of the week. The four remaining days are called “off days” where you eat a low calorie diet of 1500 calories a day and you keep losing weight. I found that I lost the most weight during my off days. I don’t have measuring cups so I just hope I’m doing it correctly. I saw results though! This makes me happy. I recommend trying it out for yourselves! WARNING: if you are a heavy eater, start off with a low calorie diet until you get used to it. Once you are okay with eating about 1500-1700 calories a day, the diet won’t be as difficult. If you are one to do fast food daily, you won’t make it throughout the 3 days, unless you have some crazy determination. Also, do not do this diet if you have some crazy work schedule ahead of you… you won’t have enough energy to perform 100%. I’ll keep you updated though! Enjoy.


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