I apologize that I have not been blogging too much lately, due to the past holiday weekend! Honestly, I did not really want to blog today, but I am forcing myself to because I am not in the best place right now. The only way to get out is to write it out or talk about it. This feeling is not something id like to talk about. I don’t know if I’m feeling this way because the weekend is over, or if its just a random slump I’m in due to the occurrences this past weekend. Nothing too dramatic happened. This morning I woke up feeling very upset with myself. The reason? No idea. I woke up feeling that no one really is a fan of me, but I know this is far from true. I continued on with my workouts. Today they lasted about 2 and a half hours. I refuse to even weigh myself after the binge drinking of this weekend. I’ll weigh myself friday. By the way, the military diet does work! However, if you are not really heavy set like I am, you won’t lose 10 pounds, but you will lose a few pesky pounds that you need. I was stuck at one weight for about a week, after the diet I had lost 3 pounds! May not be much but its something. Now I’ve gotten my mind off of myself, which is good. I guess Im glad i forced myself to blog today. Stay strong everyone and have an awesome week!


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