If you have an over controlling mother, read this…

My mother is a wonderful woman. She is smart, beautiful, and a wonderful mother. I praise the ground that she walks on. However, have you ever had a moment where your mother disapproves of you? I have plenty of those. I feel as if I disappointed her. Don’t mind these things. Have you ever heard your mother say: “oh thats great, but you could have done better.” Today I got an internship at an orthopedic center, sounds excellent right? My mother responded with: “I don’t know about this, you need to be reading and learning how to write in different languages.” I am trying to pursue a career in medicine, and this is how she responds to my one inkling of the beginning of my success. What I have realized is that my mother does want whats best for me. My mother loves me unconditionally, as do I her. For those of you whom let a parent bring you down, don’t. This is your life, and you will succeed. The second you stop trying to get the approval of your mother, that is when you will succeed because you already have her approval, you have not realized it yet. We are only human.



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